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High quality visual representation of transmembrane protein models

Download application file (2211K)
last updated at 6 September 2004 (ver. 0.93)

  • The application file provided is a single Java Archive (JAR) file.
    This is an archive file which bundles multiple files like binary class files and auxiliary resources associated with the applet and stand-alone versions of the application.

    In both Windows and UNIX-like systems, launch the application by executing:
    java -jar tmrpres2d.jar

    Requirements for the stand-alone application:
    Java Runtime Environment 1.4.x

    Download user manual (740K)
    last updated at 20 May 2004 (ver. 0.91)

  • The User Manual is a pdf (Adobe Portable Document) file and thus you may read it using Adobe Reader.
    Also, there is an online version of the manual at the 'Documentation' section.

  • The source code is available to any interested party, upon request from the authors.
    Contact at spyropbiol.uoa.gr , including the reason for your interest.

  • Designed for viewing with Internet Explorer 4 or above, Netscape 6 or above.
    contact: spyropbiol.uoa.gr
    athina University of Athens
    Faculty of Biology
    Dept. of Cell Biology and Biophysics
    & Bioinformatics